The Real Milk Co.

Organic milk and milk products flown to you fresh from New Zealand grass fed dairy cows.


Our milk is proudly ‘Pure Fresh’ – bottled in New Zealand one day before airfreighting to Asia. Unlike many other “fresh” brands in the market our milk does not undergo ESL (extra shelf life) treatment and get shipped by sea.

See how real milk differs from ‘standard’ milk.


Milk free of chemical and pesticide residues from clean green New Zealand pastures.

Our milk comes from cows raised naturally free of antibiotics and growth hormones. It’s certified organic by Asure Quality, the New Zealand government organic certification agency.


With it’s clean pristine environment the New Zealand dairy industry prides itself on producing milk the natural way – cows grazing outside all year on fresh pasture.

With more dairy cows than people, New Zealand is trusted as a supplier of premium dairy products. It is the world’s leading exporter of dairy products.

Now you can enjoy real fresh milk, from the world’s best.


Permeate is a watery by-product of the ultra filtration process that occurs during milk processing. Common industry practice is to add this permeate back into milk at required times to regulate taste, fat, and protein levels.

Our milk does not have permeate added back in – meaning less processing and milk closer to how it is on the farm…

Milk as it should be.


Marphona Farms is a recognised as a leader in the New Zealand dairy industry. At 1800 hectares (about 1/5 the size of Hong Kong Island) it’s one of the largest privately owned dairy farms in the country.

Committed to excellence, the farm started converting to organics in 1998. It is the country’s largest organic milk producer.


Green Valley Dairy factory bottle milk for premium milk brands in New Zealand and Asia. They source from Marphona Farms and other organic farms in the district.

Milk goes directly from the dairy parlour to the processing plant. It’s treated gently to retain the old fashioned values of a great product – taste and freshness.